Lusso Furniture Dimitrios Stavropoulos S.A.

The company LUSSO-DIMITRIOS STAVROPOULOS based in Thessaloniki, Greece, is active in the furniture manufacturing and selling business for almost half a century.

Since its creation, it is presenting a wide range of furniture collections ideal for home and business, that are constantly renewed with original, innovative pieces that cover all aesthetic areas and all tastes.

With a client oriented philosophy, we are intending to create sincere and loyal relations with our customers, targeting to an elevated service experience.

We manufacture furniture of unique design and functionality while at the same time, through our harmonious cooperation with the most renowned international brands, we import high quality furniture in the Greek market.

In our premises, you will find a vast variety of furniture for bedroom, living room, dining room, compositions, small furniture, kids furniture, bed matresses and accessories.

What makes us different is the perfect combination of quality, competitive prices and service.




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